Kern Frost

To accelerate the mind, you have to focus on your neuroplasticity first — the brain’s structure — then the mental programs you want to run.”



As Europe’s leading authority on developing the mind’s potential through Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA), I work personally with corporate leaders & aspirational individuals, who wish to step into accelerated mental states of flow & hemispheric synchronisation, utilising gamma and theta brain waves for super-states of creativity, innovation, critical thought and problem-solving.

Unlike conventional coaching & training, NMA is the most advanced form of personal and leadership development available. The results are extreme by comparison, massively increasing confidence, communication & creativity skills, as well as critical thought, empathy, mental agility, energy, productivity, as well as symbiotic & life awareness.

It may surprise you to know, that the peak decade for mental acuity for women and men is between the age of 60-70; if that is, you learn to leverage your experiential wisdom bank — your unconscious life resource, and release your full thought potential in hemispheric synchronisation. The third peak decade for cognitive function is 50-60 years — and personally, by upgrading my mental capacities through NMA in my 50’s, I’ve written over 1.5 million words (23 books), created extensive training programs with literally hundreds of hours of materials, as well as structures to solve our most pressing human global issues.

If you are serious about success, in terms of health — mentally and physically, by optimising your brain’s capacity to think and create ever faster and more expansively, as well as your inherent ability to increase your body’s longevity, then you may want to consider working with your neuroplasticity.


Human cognitive function has been on the decline since the Second World War, as the genius levels of innovative & creative capacity 98% of us retained at the age of 5 years old, were suppressed into limited convergent thought at the expense of fluid intelligence through the educational system; a system based around excessive repetitive brain conditioning, into process & goal subservient thought, to become an effective worker. Consequently, a mind that is denied creative problem-solving development, will not have the capacity to cope with the rapid pace of change in society (the digital revolution) we are experiencing, and as a result, suffer the consequences of toxic stress — which means decay of the synapses of the brain — brain damage.

Add to this — the shift of thought away from the creative neocortex, into the defensive & aggressive stem of the brain (the oldest part), through the fear produced by continual media exposure to terrorism, climate-change, pandemics, war, as well as economic and social collapse, and you will begin to understand the exponential decline by the majority of people in terms of risk-taking, decision-making and innovation, as well as self-worth issues, and agility of mind — brain fog.

If you don’t work on accelerating your mind, through addressing the neuroplasticity and thus your suppressed and latent potential, you will be simply left behind in society, incapable of adapting for change, and instead — resisting. To be completely blunt, if you were educated at school — you will be using under 5% of your available cognitive capacity. Your awareness — personal, social, environmental, situational, symbiotic & spiritual, will be very low indeed, and your thought and thought to verbalisation speeds, will be a fraction of what they should be. You will be reactionary to emotional states, living in a regressive personally projected perspective reality, where you will unconsciously self-defeat and remain negatively polarised in terms of energetic field.



  1. I will reset your brain, so your fluid intelligence can be re-animated into the in-formation state, to develop your agile thinking in terms of potentials, rather than the need for certainty & validation.
  2. I will develop your symbiotic and linguistic awareness, and teach you the programming language of mind; through training you in four techniques of quantum psychology, theoretical consciousness, non-combative argument and polymathic training,
  3. I will shift your thinking from overwhelm in mind-static — within the mindset governed by your back-story & fear of the future, to the mind-space — where you can leverage the full capacity of your unconscious; a shift from using 40 bits of data per second within the limitations of unconscious convergent thought, to opening 40 million bits of data per second in flow state — hemispheric synchronisation.
  4. I will increase your brain’s capacity in terms of frequency and bandwidth, that will allow you to access super-creative states of gamma & theta brain waves, to think quicker, verbalise quicker, as well as strategise and innovate, without limitation.
  5. I will improve your confidence, communication and emotional management skills, as well as your empathetic awareness, so you can read people and situations effectively, without the need to validate, prove or impress, or fear outcomes.
  6. I will uncover you destination thinking and destiny path so you can draw-down limitless amounts of energy and personal power, to create more in a day than you ever thought possible
  7. I will teach you how to love yourself and life, without fear of the future, or limitation from the past, and help you discover who you were born to be, and what you were born to do.
  8. I will introduce you to a way of living that is based around a freedom of mind and experience that is currently beyond your awareness and expectations.
  9. I will help you develop your body, so you can manage your metabolic profile to ensure your physicality is optimised.

In short, I will make you considerably faster and stronger in mind & body, with a powerful spiritual awareness, that regardless of your age will make you master of your life. Second to none.



  1. I will evaluate the latent potential quota in you and your organisation.
  2. I will determine the negative blocks in self identification and validation within your staff.
  3. I will look at the levels of situational and strategic awareness in your lead team.
  4. I will help you recruit innovative minds and dispense with those who have low potential quota.
  5. I will develop a core team of innovation for you that will result in positive culture change.
  6. I will implement a human tech development strategy based on creating solutions — not problems.
  7. I will upgrade the thinking & motivation within your staff to higher levels of awareness and agility of mind.

In short, I will optimise your organisation for the fourth industrial revolution and your relationship with AI


As well as being the founder of an award winning international NGO, The Swiss Association — Council For Human Development, The Consciousness University & Co-create A Better World programs, and the Kern Online Clinic in Zurich, I’m also the creator of the App, the world’s most powerful human development resource, with over 200 hours of audio visual training and extensive written resources, based around NMA. It’s taken me over fifteen years to assimilate this material from research, development and testing, so you can easily benefit from systems that accelerate your mind, if you are prepared to open your mind. To take the first step, try one of my three top NMA TRAINING BOOKS


Changing your internal map of reality is THE most challenging and rewarding activity you will ever do. For your personally projected perspective reality is ultimately a construct of your identity avatar, held within a protective shell state of you in the unconscious first birth of mind & body; within a limited bandwidth and frequency of your mind. It is not you, but it is a projection of your shell identity — your egoistic reality — bound by many layers of unconsciously adopted self-identification within limitation. It is a prison and a prism of the mind, that you are either busy being busy settling within the mindset, or you simply want more. More freedom, more fun, more meaning, more impact, and more direction. You want the mindspace and all that it can afford you. The MindGYM app is designed to break your mind out of jail, by challenging who you think you are & what you think you know on every level — to change your neuroplasticity — and put you into higher states of consciousness/ awareness, in theta and gamma brain waves, whilst also developing your mental and physical wellness. No other APP can offer so much, or achieve so much, especially from a starting point that is so little. All you have to accept is — that you can be more, and then take the first step to manifesting your destiny by joining the




Until I worked with my neuroplasticity, I self identified within limiting formative and social conditioning, governed by who people had suggested I was; what I was capable of, and incapable of. By constantly changing the frequency of my thought and the bandwidth of my awareness through editing my thought and language patterns as well as challenging my beliefs and behaviour, I moved into the super-creative states of gamma & theta that are only revealed by letting go of who we think we are. Our inauthentic social Identity Avatar, our shell, and how we unconsciously self-identify through limitation. This shift, allowed me to produce fine artwork through unpacking in detail what I wished to draw — de-limiting my mind in terms of expectation and outcome; then moving into writing in flow with my first novel — in under the thirty days, and with practice producing a completed work with little mental effort in a week or so. As a result, I’ve written over 20 books on a variety of subjects — from psychology — to female empowerment — to blockchain, all to support those training in NMA, by channeling the unconscious mind, and accessing the experiential wisdom bank, the mind-space & the wise-domain. You can use NMA to improve every aspect of your life, as you just have a brain that is always expanding. A problem is only a problem if you want it to be, but if you see a problem as a challenge that will ultimately accelerate your mind by changing your neuroplasticity, everything you experience then becomes a pleasure, by turning pain into personal profit on every level possible. So if you want to upgrade your career, your relationship & your life, start working with your neuroplasticity.



Developing a holistic understanding of the human mind & how we develop across our lives — in terms of identity, came from initially working internationally in the business development world for twenty years, developing effective commercial structures, and then working in hypnosis at the Harley Street Hypnosis Clinic, learning from the likes of Richard Bandler one of the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming, as well as studying other notable figures in the personal development world. As I worked on developing my own mind and the minds of others within the KernClinic in Zurich, I developed powerful methodologies as the foundations of NMA, that employed psychology, consciousness, linguistics and confidence training, to help a person understand and overcome the limitations behind their thinking in the therapeutic context. There is nothing so rewarding as helping another person overcome their limitations, to feel better, and enjoy life more. It’s a gift that comes with high levels of responsibility & caring, and Consciousness Change Therapy CCT is the most rewarding discipline to master. So to get started in learning the principles, download the app.



Through solving issues within the clinic, it was inevitable that my research into the mind would bring me to mental acceleration, and how neuroscience and the works of Maslow, Haanel, Hill, Freud, Jung, Land and Hubbard, to name but a few, inspired me to look ever deeper into the structures that restrict our thinking in social and personal development. How the social system itself reduces through education & conformity — the fluid intelligence and what the potential of hemispheric synchronisation was. Continually working with my own mind — challenging beliefs, values and programs that affected the way I perceived the world, and the lens I used to restrict my capabilities, led me to creating schematics (pictorial representations of the issues I explored) and mental development systems, based around focusing on neuroplasticity, that would enable NMA to be taught, and the creation of structures such as the human investment platform — The Human Blockchain, the Consciousness University and the Consciousness Coin, to create effective change in human consciousness on a global basis. This work is focused on the future of humanity and our relationship with AI — why we need to upgrade human cognitive function — the agility of mind — to survive the near future. I certainly believe that the NMA training industry will be the fastest growing sector in the world, providing a new form of work for humanity within a developing paradigm shift of consciousness, as all current jobs are automated, and the concept of having a job ceases to be relevant. To explore a career in advanced human development training in NMA, start with — you guessed it, joining the app.



Ok, so I’m in my sixties, and I should be slowing down mentally and physically — shouldn’t I? But my sixties are the peak decade for cognitive output — if that is you’ve been taking care of your thoughts, your intentions, and developing the neuroplasticity of your brain to take on more advanced mental programs. Such as thinking and living without limits, and this means physically as well as mentally. Everything you have seen on this site so far, have been mostly accomplished in my 50’s through developing my mind through CCT & NMA. The 50 years before that were very low in terms of creativity. Of course, you can decide for yourself that life is naturally slow for you, or even over if you want to — even when you hit forty as some do; but what’s the use in that? Why not upgrade your brain into the ultimate super-creative problem-solving mechanism, that keeps you young as well as mentally agile, and physically fitter. Ideas and creative solutions are certainly not in short supply when you upgrade your thinking into gamma and theta waves, and here is another example: I created a complete body management system that builds muscle, tones, increases strength & energy, and loses weight quickly and effectively, without ever going to the gym. In fact, you don’t even get changed or hot & sweaty, you just change your physical/behavioural profile and your thinking. Eat and drink what you want, but manage your metabolism first, by using the imagination, antagonistic muscle groups, and the after-burn effect to maintain your youth and vitality. It’s called Easyfit. Staying young starts with your thinking, and this is why regaining the innovative genius of your five-year-old self is fundamental to your future — that’s what NMA does. To explore your mental and physical potential further, start with joining the MindGYM.CLUB


Over the years I’ve studied the unconscious mind, looking at the programming of the brain. Once you become aware that the structure of your brain can change in terms of neuroplasticity — which means ever greater bandwidths and frequencies of thought — then you begin to understand the nature of what conscious and unconscious minds are. Their behavioural tells. For the unconscious person, there is fear, there are rules, and there are validation systems — established because creative thought has been suppressed and replaced by convergent thought, at the expense of fluid intelligence. The identity avatar — the inauthentic social identity — is in the ascendency, and thus cannot problem-solve intrinsically nor extrinsically, regardless of IQ. Consequently, blame and judgement and the theft of energy from others is the only option, in order to operate from ignorance within the unconscious state. They fear letting go, and create an island of certainty within a personally projected perspective reality, and to do this, they must reject any form of objective self analysis and questioning, and put others down to maintain the egocentric identity.


You were born with a creative genius for a mind, that, through education and social conformity became exposed to many years of restrictive, repetitive, process and goal subservient programming, that left you with self identification through limitation. The attitude of key formative figures who were operating within the convergent thought they were also conditioned to be in — at the expense of fluid intelligence, critical thought and creative problem-solving — set you up believe in the mantra of social success at the cost of personal awareness and ascension. You live within a series of boxes, that you do not have the fluid intelligence to escape from, so you can only survive by inflating your ego, or berating yourself. You have no way of thinking your way out of the jail of your mind, this is why information will in itself not help you, but putting your mind back into the in-formation state will. School lessons lessened free thought, NMA expands the neuroplasticity to regain what was taken from you.






To accelerate the mind, you have to give something up, and that’s you’re current identity. But it’s your inauthentic social identity that’s currently in control. It’s an autopilot of the mind that’s in the ascendancy, holding you back with doubt, delay, denial, and distraction — so you can’t achieve your potential. I’m looking for minds with high PQ — high potential quota — which is the desire to push the boundaries of human consciousness ever further, as trainers in the corporate world, and to be the leaders into our future with AI. Perhaps that’s you? If you like the idea of more fun, more meaning, more impact, and you would like to explore the greatest opportunity in human history, get in touch. It’s who you can be that I’m interested in, not your background or who you think you are. Check out the, and follow the link below for Free Resources.

Good Luck